West Ashley

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This large freestanding coop is a favorite among the West Ashley locals. With its fun bar, game room, and patio, this location is serving up your favorite food and drinks…sure to meet every one’s needs . It is all brought together by one of the happiest damn staffs in town. Disclaimer: all of our staffs are great and happy.


Upcomin' Events

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  • Live Team Trivia -

    Every Wednesday at 9pm

  • Mason Prep Spirit Night -

    5pm - 8pm
    Turn in your receipts and 10% gets donated to Mason Prep

  • Eddie Stonaker -

    Live music 6pm - 9pm

  • Dunder Chiefs -

    Live music 9pm - midnight

  • Cornhole Tournament -

    Every Saturday at 1:30pm

  • UFC 172: Jones vs Teixiera -


  • Live Team Trivia -

    Every Wednesday at 9pm