The Start of Kickin’ Chicken


Chip Roberts and Bobby Perry grew up right here in Charleston and attended the University of South Carolina. After graduating college, Chip and Bobby saw an opportunity to add to the delicious food culture in Charleston. In 1997, Chip and Bobby teamed up to start The Kickin Chicken with the help of their families and loyal friends. The Kickin’ Chicken was never meant to be a fancy, sit down restaurant. Instead, Chip and Bobby envisioned serving fresh, delicious food to their fellow Charlestonians in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

The First Location

Chip and Bobby opened their first location in Charleston’s upper peninsula on Morrison Drive. The restaurant has humble roots– the first order ever placed was a delivery order! At this first location, The Kickin’ Chicken began experimenting with the recipe for its now-famous original Kickin’ Chicken sandwich while building a fanbase of loyal customers.


With more orders than ever, The Kickin’ Chicken had the opportunity to move to a spot right on King Street. Chip and Bobby made sure that the food was excellent and the atmosphere was engaging. Both locals and tourists flocked (pun not intended!) to the new restaurant to enjoy cold beer, fried chicken, and televised sports events. Soon after the King Street relocation, Chip and Bobby’s good friend David Miller partnered up with them and helped open The Kickin’ Chicken’s second location on James Island.

Kickin’ Chicken Today

With help from David, Chip and Bobby built The Kickin’ Chicken into a wildly successful franchise. The Kickin’ Chicken has expanded to five locations in Charleston. We are so grateful to our Kickin’ customers who have helped us become one of the best full service, casual dining restaurants in the Lowcountry. We are proud of our reputation for tasty food and fantastic customer service. If you’re looking for some good ole’ fried Southern fried cooking, head on over to Kickin’ Chicken!

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